Forged in the blood of brothers Tommy and Paddy Marsh, Crooked Eye Tommy casts a spell on the listener with the joy and melancholy of a lifetime of playing music together. Searing guitar work and passionate, powerful vocal lines will call you in. Southern Hearts in a Tide Pool of sonic dancing where you are the special guest of honor. Making Music and Making Friends around the globe Crooked Eye Tommy is a sure thing in a world of uncertainty. Listen and feel What a Crooked Eye can do...

Miss Sheri Warfield Wilson..formerly of Mystic Red..comes at ya with powerful sweet vocals..
Bruce Jones on drums..formerly of The Witchitas and more recently Otay~Jones (who are Rippin The Crystal Palace... up regularly) Some know him as the ever present face at World Records.
Ray Sadolsky on bass..originally from Boston..came to California with a few musical dreams of his own. Hes accomplished most of them. He's bassist for Monty Byroms Road Pilots..recording and touring with them. Producer and session player with a host of artists..both local and afar. He's also the long time bassist for the Left Coast Groovies..and fan and fest favorite alumni.
Will Slikker on lead guitar..formerly of the Aviators. This young man plays that SG with all his talent and heart. He's definitely on track to an awesome musical career!!
And lastly..certainly not least..on guitar and backing vocals..Bakersfield's busiest musician (accomplished drummer and vocalist also) Mr. Eddie Marquardt!! His resume is far too long to list..but when any band..local or touring..needs a Bakersfield or in studio..Eddie gets the call. And rightfully so.

3 Sista Blues includes Southern California's Deb Ryder, Shari Puorto and Kelly Z. They share a band, play their originals and come together for a final set of tunes, backing each other up for a night of fun. The variety of original songs and voices will capture your souls, make you get up and dance....This will be a show to be remembered! A perfect combination to experience West Coast Roots and Blues.

 Formed in the Fall of 2011 by Scottie ‘Mad Dog’ Blinn, former front man for the iconic, multi-award winning San Diego band The Mississippi Mudsharks.  He has been no stranger to doing 300+ nights a year with his former band, and is pushing Black Market III every bit as hard, if not harder.  BMIII crosses over, using the Blues as the root of the sound.  In addition to their original music, BMIII features more obscure covers from Tom Waits, Wayne Walker, Hank Williams Sr., Leadbelly, Dead Weather, Social Distortion, and many more.  No pigeon holing this band--Blues and American Roots firmly planted, yet not like anything you've heard or seen before. The band prides itself on it's ability to perform diversely and dynamically, playing full blown concerts to small 'stripped down' semi-acoustic shows, traditional blues to their trademarked ‘Grease Punk’ sound. 

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    New Blues Revolution is a groundbreaking Los Angeles-based band that blends the best elements of rock, blues and jazz to create a unique, high-energy sound.
Nominated for Musical Group of the Year by the L.A. Music Awards, the New Blues Revolution continues a long winning streak in 2015. The band previously Hosted... the Red Carpet for the awards show. The band leads the vanguard of the new blues movement in the U.S. They work to broaden, deepen and contemporize the blues.
   Forging a unique, distinctive style featuring Bill Grisolia's vocals and piano and Chap Cooper’s guitar, the band brings exciting showmanship to a mix of high-energy New Blues numbers and ballads – deep, modern, rocky but soulful.

Coming to us from Ridgecrest, CA is Mojave Blue. One of the hottest bands in the high desert, Mojave Blue covers a mix of classic rock from the 1950's to the 2010's. Their music is selected, arranged, and performed to give you a high energy rockin' experience.

The founding member of 2000 Lbs of Blues, Mike Arguello has been singing & entertaining folks for over 35 years. Having a personality as big as his voice, Arguello remains a West Coast favorite with his feet firmly planted in American Roots Music. The band always putting on fun & outrageous shows that hearken back to an era when jump blues was king and entertaining was what it was all about. Whether playing locally or touring there's always a cool cast of characters in the lineup ready, willing & able to set the house ah rockin'!

Series 3

 Orphan Jon and The Abandoned is an American Roots & Blues band from the Central Coast of California. OJATA is quickly becoming a go to band because of the high and passion they display while performing. Roots and Blues is their life blood, and it shows in their ever popular originals; and the few selective covers, they bring to every show. It is the bands goal to captivate the audience from the first note struck until the last chord is played while entertaining them both musically and visually. OJATA simply put, is a very unique band. Unique in that they express themselves in such a way; that’s so different, that many have said after seeing them perform live, they’ve never seen nor heard anyone like them before. They are a rare breed full of spirit and charisma, and they put on a show that is both energetic and captivating with a tight sound like no other.

Series 5

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Series 2

Eric Von Herzen of the 44's, formerly with Social Distortion:

Eric "Jailhouse" Von Herzen got his nickname directly from Mike Ness of ...Social Distortion...for obvious reasons going back to his younger, wilder days. Von Herzens harmonica swings from dark and melodic, to a full steam rollin' freight train that'll knock you on your ass and keep on going. Social D album credits include ~ Coulda Been Me, Drug Train & Ghost town Blues.

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Series 4

    The 60 Grit Band has been transcending genres and expectations throughout Southern California since 2011. Breaking the boundaries of traditional blues, the band draws a heavy influence from classic and modern rock, rhythm and blues, old time soul, and reggae.
   Singer and rhythm guitarist David Ferguson has a dynamic range and entertaining presence on the stage. Frank Orecchio, on lead guitar, plays with spirit and a swagger matched by no other. On bass, Brian Haringa plays straight from his soul and is the funky backbone of the band. A true showman on harmonica, Jeremiah Kiser plays imaginative leads and subtle rhythms. And Nick Coffey plays the drums with relentless energy and unwavering timing. Together, they play with passion and an element of "grit" that truly sets them apart from other blues/rock acts, and because they leave their hearts on the stage every show, you will never regret attending one.

Series 1

Bring your chairs, canopy and dancing shoes. 12 and under Free. No carry-in alcohol!