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Based out of Los Angeles, CA, Johnny Hawthorn has been amplifying his reputation as a world class guitar player and songwriter. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, he came to Los Angeles as an eager player and immersed himself in the music scene with a music style fusing blues and classic rock riffs in the style SRV, Hendrix, and the Allman Bros.
He was featured in  Guitar Player Magazine’s “Spotlight on New Talent” column and Mike Varney wrote: “Hawthorn is a gifted player on all fronts, with phasing reminiscent of Clapton and Hendrix…”
 “Pawn Shop Tattered Heart”  the newest CD the GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE’S “Editors’ Faves” “…there are riffs and melodies that will surely appeal to fans of Aerosmith, The Eagles, and Led Zeppelin“.  He also was the Finalist of the Yamaha 6 String Theory Blues Guitar Competition 2012.

Growing up listening to her mother sing was the the inspiration Kelly found to become a songwriter. Her first memory of music was her mother's voice as she sang along with records late at night. A single mother of five living with hardship and pain, music was her mother's salvation. In her teens Kelly dealt with what she felt and saw in others by writing songs about it. She wrote songs of disappointment, pain, loss, loneliness and so much more but always of survival which was something her mom taught her to do no matter what. In 1995, performing her original songs on stage with a band sparked a passion and soon thereafter created a strong songwriting team of Kelly Z and her guitar player, Perry Robertson. Writing alone or with Perry, Kelly uses music to help ease the sorrows of the life she sees around her, to stay strong and to find a way to understand a life that sometimes makes no sense. Kelly’s songs always make her listeners smile as they find a way to understand their own struggles through her lyrics and music.

 Our main mission on stage has always been to have a great time with our guests, while still delivering quality music that is danceable and fun to sing along with.  We have evolved over the years to include many different styles and genres of music to not only please our audience, but twist our own nutz too.  We’ve probably had a dozen or so members over the years, but the current lineup holds four of the original five guys.

Lucas Carrasco auditioned for a newly starting band as a keyboardist but later began to add his guitar and vocals to the mix and now splits vocal duties with guitarist Loren Smith.

Loren Smith started playing electric guitar at the age of 12, we’ve since cut our hair and the legacy lives on.  Loren stands alongside Lucas as the lead guitar, blues harp player and vocalist in the current laid-back, Rockin’, Country, Blues version of the band.

Joe Baiza began playing bass at 16.  Joe returned to his San Joaquin Valley roots after a busy 10 year stint of performances in Las Vegas and Arizona.  An original member of Diver Down from 1987, Joe is excited to be reunited with his Diver Down brethren and to be back at the KRRBF.

Eric spent several years blowing harmonica and is probably best known for his work with a lil band called Social Distortion. He has his own band Atomic Road Kings who are in the studio recording a album of Blues originals for Rip Cat Records. He is also a member of Rip Cats road
warriors..The 44s!! Speakin of The 44s, the one and only..
the ever dangerous Johnny Main will be joining Eric for a
duo that you'll never forget!!


female vocal leads and harmonies, two outstanding Lead Guitarists, with an equally strong and driving Bass and Drum unit. And all this paired with a variety of musical styles makes Blonde Faith a “Number One Choice” with many Clubs, Private Parties, Corporations, Concerts, and Music Fans in and around the California area.

Powerful, heavy & bluesy !  People say its the toughest sounding band around. The band with the original, raw sound hails from New Orleans, Louisiana.  Johnny leads the ensemble and has racked up 11 records, countless festival appearances, over 30 european tours, a feature in a 2013 film as well as recording for the BBC in London, German National Radio in Bremen, and Belgian National Radio in Brussels.
"Almost sounding like no blues you've ever heard before !" - MidWestRecord Review
JMMBs music is a blend of new and old at the same time.  Roots run deep as Johnny spent 16 years (and Smoke 6 years) at the blues shrine "Babe's & Ricky's Inn" under tutelage from Laura Mae "Mama" Gross.  She taught them the only color that mattered was blue and encouraged them to develop their own sound.  The new is living in the present and absorbing sounds coming from music they enjoy Today!  The results are apparent at every show and every recording "Mama's Boys" make.

K.K. is a fourth generation guitarist, singer and songwriter Born in West Monroe, Louisiana. He Began touring with his Paren...ts band at age 10, Moved to California in1969, and became immersed in the local rock scene, at age 16 landed a Brief stint with Albert Collins, Backup Band. He was a founding member of A La Carte (one of the seminal Hollywood bands), Recorded and played with Donald (Duck) Dunn, It's a Beautiful Day, Rick Deringer, Lester Chambers, Andy Johns,The Chambers Brothers, a member of Shark Island, Shared stages with, Journey, Van Halen, Motley Crue, Black Oak Arkansas, Blondie, UFO, Johnny Winters, Mike Campbell, (of the Heartbreakers) Glenn Cambell, The Busboys, to name just a few. K.K. was honored at the 9th Annual HOUSE of BLUES, Los Angeles MUSIC AWARDS voted "OUTSTANDING BLUES ARTIST.


Lead guitarist Buzzy James (a founding member of Laidlaw, supported bands like Motley Crüe, Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top), bassist Tom Croucier, drummer Derrick Pontier, and backing vocalists Trish Burke and Dawn Waldman, each veterans of the tumultuous ebb and flow of harmony-laced heroics, provide refinery and pliability to Olivieri’s songs.
As a tight-knit unit, they embrace the invariable thaw of past influences infused with modern nuances to create a unique, vibrant sound that speaks to the body, heart, soul and mind. Fans of sizzling slide guitar work, crunching rhythms and high-flying vocals are in for a treat when M.O.B. take the stage.
M.O.B. is primed and ready to explode in 2016. World domination is a distinct possibility. A few songs into a M.O.B. set, and your world at the very least will transform into something else altogether beautiful, inspiring, moving, maybe even little bit jaw-dropping.

What happens when Joe Cocker meets the Black Crowes while having lunch with Elton John? You get M.O.B., a hickory-smoked hybrid of rock, blues and soul, all rolled up into southern-flavored, gospel-like melodies delivered by a formidable six-piece ensemble.
M.O.B.’s roots run deep and wide into the jungles of the Southern California musical landscape. The band’s lead vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist Michael Olivieri is known internationally as the frontman of heavy metal titans Leatherwolf. With M.O.B., he has extended the boundaries of his vision through various incarnations, styles and two albums.

Blonde Faith - Is one of many awesome bands straight out of a city famous for talent, Bakersfield Ca..With a plethora of musical tastes and backgrounds ranging from Blues, Classic Rock, R&B, to Country this band shows no limitations with their writing ability, style, drive, and professionalism. Blonde Faith has a great abundance of talent. This includes strong male and


  Their special blend of covers from the likes of Robin Trower, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Tommy Castro and Robben Ford, plus their full length album of original material are sure to keep you mesmerized.




A local Kern County Band based out of Bakersfield, formed in 1987 as a classic rock band covering a wide range of current and vintage music, as well as a few originals in classic 80’s style. 

A mystical guitar man from a bygone era, David M’ore arrived to L.A in the early 90’s committed to alter the musical scene. Club goers and musicians begin to talk about the new kid with the virtuoso aggressive guitar style, raspy vocals, and his high energy fueled Blues-Rock tunes.
Now with his second solo album “ From The Other Side of The River ” David M’ore managed to take his guitar pyrotechnics to a different level of instrumental majesty. Performing on a custom made Strat carefully modified to his specifications, M’ore demonstrates his acclaimed six string technique on both originals and cover tunes. “I love to pay tribute to those who influenced me.” “But at the same time I like to be true to who I am,” says M’ore, whose influences include Hendrix, Blackmore, Satriani, J. Winter, Gary Moore, Albert King, and other guitar monsters.
From the beginning, traditional Blues and British Neoclassical Hard Rock played a very important role in the evolution of David M’ore style.
Born in Argentina, he picked up an old guitar that his godfather bought him for his eighth birthday and immediately began to explore vintage records. “The aggressive sound of the guitar drove me emotionally insane,” David says.” “I still listen to those old records from Johnny Winter”. That’s where it all began.


The band Thin Ice, formed in 2014 and made up of four talented musicians from the Kern river valley and Bakersfield are: Michael Hess, bass and lead vocal, Mike Blackman ( Lil' Mike) guitar and vocal, Michael Stokes, harmonica and percussion and Steve Borthick, drums and vocal. Between them they have multiple recording projects and albums dating back to the 80's.





Bring your chairs, canopy and dancing shoes. 12 and under Free. No carry-in alcohol!