Main Stage Lineup!

Bennett Matteo Band

BMB is a collective of brilliant musicians led by guitarist and writer Gino Matteo and vocal powerhouse Jade Bennett. Extremely improvisational while having their feet planted in roots music, BMB are a breath of fresh air to the music world. BMB's experimentation and refusal to take themselves seriously has made every show an experience. Don't sleep on this band! 

Alastair Greene Band

 Alastair Greene’s musical journey has been anything but traditional. His combination of Blues, Southern Rock, and Jam Band sensibilities has been thrilling audiences for nearly two decades.  Alastair's mastery of traditional blues tunings, slide, string bending and grooves are as much a  part of the foundation as the hard driving, rocking energy. 

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Orphan Jon & the Abandoned

 Orphan Jon and The Abandoned is an American Roots & Blues band from Southern California. OJATA is quickly becoming a go to band because of the high energy and passion they display while performing. Roots and Blues is their life blood, and it shows in their ever popular originals; and the few selective covers, they bring to every show. It is the bands goal to captivate the audience from the first note struck until the last chord is played while entertaining them both musically and visually.

K.K. Martin

Born W. Monroe Louisiana, A fourth generation guitarist, singer and songwriter, Began touring with my Parents band at age 10, Moved to California in 1969, and became immersed in the local rock scene, at age 16 landed a Brief stint with Albert Collins, Backup Band. Founding member of The Band A La Carte.  Honored to be Voted 1999 HOUSE of BLUES, Los Angeles MUSIC AWARDS "OUTSTANDING BLUES ARTIST.


Maxx Cabello Jr.

The American music flame will never go out as long as young artists such as Maxx Cabello Jr. take the torch and keep it burning. This young amazing guitarist, soulful vocalist, and prolific songwriter, hails from the streets of the San Francisco Bay area where he is turning heads and bending the ears of the most jaded veteran musicians and music aficionados. Straight out of the South Bay, this quiet-spoken young man turns into a powerful and captivating artist when he begins to play the guitar. We expect his star to be on the rise in the musical sky before long.

"Maxx Cabello is a name you are going to remember!"-Dick Dale

His shades of music are reminiscent of the most renowned guitarists of our time. In his work are the inspirations of Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana, but Maxx definitely adds his own artistry, showing only influences by the guitar legends. His hard driving method of playing is accomplished as well as energetic.


Crooked Eye Tommy

 Forged in the blood of brothers Tommy and Paddy Marsh, Crooked Eye Tommy casts a spell on the listener with the joy and melancholy of a lifetime of playing music together. Searing guitar work and passionate, powerful vocal lines will call you in. Southern Hearts in a Tide Pool of sonic dancing where you are the special guest of honor. Making Music and Making Friends around the globe Crooked Eye Tommy is a sure thing in a world of uncertainty... Listen and feel What a Crooked Eye can do...

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Kelly's Lot

Kelly's Lot was formed in 1994 by Kelly Zirbes, a folk singer/songwriter with a heart for the blues. With 14 CDs and lots of touring in the USA and Europe. Kelly Z met soundman, Perry Robertson, in 1996 who soon produced their ‘Live at the Troubadour’ CD. Within a year he joined the band, started writing songs with Kelly Z and added the Southern Rock and Texas influences that have shaped their sound.

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Left Coast Groovies

Formed in 2008 the Left Coast Groovies are a Southern Blues Rock Americana based jam band playing a mix of covers and original music. 

 Mike Fleming-Lead Vocals, Guitars, Jimmy Amason-Lead Guitar, Vocals, Wil Anderson-Bass Guitar, Kyle Burnham-Drums, Mark Infante-Harmonica, Vocals

Blonde Faith

With over 20 years in the music scene Blonde Faith has been playing Classic Rock, Blues, Soul and R&B in Kern County with non-stop energy. Powerhouse vocals and exceptional musicians they are always a crowd favorite.

 Band Members Include:
Kevin Mahan-Guitar/Vocals ☆Tamera Mahan-Lead Vocals☆Pat Mata-Drummer/Vocals☆Dan Johnson-Guitar/Vocals 

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